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Yoga For Every Day
Yoga moves for every day. Simple stretches to keep you feeling energetic and limber.
Personal Yoga is a way to 

Sessions are usually booked 2-3 times a week.  Most frequently people prefer private Yoga sessions at their home, but they can be booked in the studio as well.  Once in awhile there are small groups of training created with 2-4 people in the groups making it more affordable for some.  Below are some testimonies of people that are working on their goals with the help of this Personal Yoga Guide:  Call or Text & book today!





With Yoga Anne has helped me in gaining more strength, flexibility and losing weight.  Hire her she's patient, yet coaxing.  Cindy Las Vegas, NV


My Yoga trainer helped me lose weight and get more flexible with Yoga and stronger with weights and workout.  I'm sight impaired and Anne was so patient with me, she's very encouraging.  Brandon Ruidoso, NM


Had I not worked with Anne 3 days a week for a month a half before finding out I had to have an old wound surgically corrected, I would not have had the strength to do for myself right after surgery.  I can't wait to get back to work with her once I heal for about 6 weeks!  Thanks you Anne! I'm grateful for Therapeutic Yoga!  Debbie Midland, Texas

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This has been an awesome experience and quite life changing for me.  My trainer helped take me from not taking care of myself to being very responsbile for my health.   I thank God for having someone so patient and helpful to bring me up from where I was.  Suzie Ruidoso, NM  I use a chair to not get on the floor.  But I am so much further along than I thought I could ever be.  Sue Big Spring, TX


I'm more flexible to move around, plus a feel better.  I'm more motivated to do other activities in life and don't know where I'd be without Anne's encouragement.  Janet Midland, Texas


When I started working out with Anne and committing to personal training sessions, I began to feel better.  I have more energy and don't just go home and have a nap after sitting at my desk all day long.  I'm getting out and doing more, living more.  It's worth the time, investment and effort!  Anne holds me accountable to do Yoga on a regular basis!  I thank her!  Marty Midland, TX


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I lost 14 pounds in the first 2 weeks in working with Anne.  I followed everything she had me do and am feeling a lot better about everything in general.I look forward to being the best "me" possible.  With Yoga I'm getting in and out of my truck better, taking the stairs easier...Joe Odessa, TX


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Anne fits our needs and goes at our pace, we love her!  Her Yoga is customized to fit us on any given day ! Cyn Midland, TX